Senior Portfolio
Class of 2022: All students applying to college must turn in a Senior Portfolio to their senior counselor. UHS counselors (and teachers) will use this information to write letters of recommendation and guide you through the college application process. Although the portfolio itself is not sent to colleges, the portfolio prepares students for the college application process and students use aspects of it to help them complete college applications. The information and answers you provide in your portfolio differentiate you as an applicant before you've even applied  - but putting it all together takes time!  All portfolios are DUE on Monday, August 30, 2021 by email to your senior counselor (see submission guidelines below). Be sure to start it early and fully complete all 6 of the required parts.

(1) Resume (Resume Template)
Your resume should include everything that you've done in high school (activities, sports, extracurriculars, clubs, organizations, volunteering, family responsibilities, jobs, etc. Please be detailed, action oriented (yet concise) in your activity descriptions. Your resume should show how you have learned, developed, and implemented your skills in day to day interactions with the world. When providing information on your entries, refrain from only giving a list of duties. Show how the experience helped to develop a skill or characteristic and/or the impact you made. *If you already have a resume, you don't need to use the template, but make sure that it has the following categories where applicable: Education, Activities, Work Experience, Skills & Interests, Honors & Awards, Trainings & Workshops, Standardized Tests.
(2) Short Answers Document (fillable document)
Please complete ALL short answer questions. Please be as open as possible in this section. This section is meant to give insight to the many different aspects of your life in and out of school.
(3) One Parent Letter
A letter written by at least one parent. There is no prompt. We want your parent(s)/guardian(s) or whomever you feel fills this role for your to write anything they want about you. They can write about your whole life, their favorite parts of who you are, or whatever else they want to write about (accomplishments, important life stories, etc.). We want them to glow and radiate about you, and to share anything they believe would be important for us to know about you as we work with you through this process. 
(4) Two Friend Letters
These are letters written by your peers about you. Like the parent letter, there is no prompt - ask your friends to write about what they believe makes you, you! We want to get to know you through the eyes of your friends - how do they see you when you are truly yourself? how do you enjoy life? and what characteristics do they see in you? For example, your friends can write about memorable stories, events, and/or good/bad times you have shared. 
(5) Copies of letters you wrote for friends
Please include copies of any letters that you wrote for your friends. This section mirrors the friend letter section. However, the focus or lens is through your eyes. Not only are you returning the favor for a friend, but this section also allows us to get a glimpse into what characteristics/traits and values are important to you.
(6) Application Deadlines Request Form (complete form)
This form notifies counselors of when you plan to apply to colleges so they can plan accordingly. Please pay close attention to the deadlines.
October 15 - Deadline to submit form & complete your senior interview for Nov 1 application/scholarship deadlines
November 1 - Deadline to submit form & complete your senior interview for Nov 15 application/scholarship deadlines
November 15 - Deadline to submit form & complete your senior interview for Dec 1st application/scholarship deadlines
December 1 - Deadline to submit form & complete your senior interview for Jan 1-15 application/scholarship deadlines

TO SUBMIT your portfolio:

1. Save all documents as PDF’s and name them using the following convention:
  • LastName, FirstName_[document type] --> ex: Lastname, Firstname_Resume; Lastname, Firstname_Short Answers ....

2. Email all PDF’s to your counselor as attachments with:
  • “2021 Senior Portfolio” written in the subject line (please don’t write anything else)
  • Your first and last name in the body of the email

3. Submit Applications Deadline Request Form 
  • You can submit this again if you need to update request, as long as it's submitted by the deadlines noted in the form.
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