UHS Counseling, College & Career Center (CCCC)
Welcome! The mission of the University High School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, college & career, and personal & social development of each student. The UHS counseling department champions life long learning and seeks to help students master the necessary skills and attitudes to become agents of change in the community and the world. 
  Xiomara Machado
9th Grade
Contact Ms. Machado by email
  Meghan Hammer
10th Grade
Contact Ms. Hammer by email
  Amy Villagio
11th & 12th Grade (last names A-G)
Contact Ms. Villagio by email
  Max Encinas
11th & 12th Grade (last names H-O)
Contact Mr. Encinas by email
  Marcos Flores
Student Engagement Coordinator
11th & 12th Grade (last names P-Z)
Contact Mr. Flores by email
  Megan Palos
College & Career Readiness Coordinator
9th-12th Grade
Contact Ms. Palos by email
  Katrina Messing
Recruitment & Retention Coordinator
Contact Ms. Messing by email
  Lori Minor
Writing Specialist
9th-12th Grade
Contact Lori Minor by email
Choose a time & date that works for you. If you schedule an appointment during class time, please be sure to check in with your teacher before missing any class. Your appointment email confirmation will serve as your pass to leave class.

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Click on the college/program visit and follow the link to sign up. Your email receipt from the sign up will serve as your pass to leave class. It is your responsibility to check in with your teacher before missing any class.

Resources & Student Support


Future Focused Meetings

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Testing (PSAT, SAT & ACT, AP Exams)

Volunteering, Internships, & Job Shadows

These resources are available to support you in your studies at UHS! For additional resources, we encourage you to reach out to your specific classroom teachers.
  • UHS Afterschool Math Tutoring - see math teacher for more details
  • Pima County Library Online Tutoring: a menu of online tutoring provided by the library Online Resources
  • Khan Academy: online tutoring & practice for all subjects including AP courses
  • MyAP Classroom: online study resources for the AP classes you’re enrolled in
  • MIT Open Courseware: content, courses, and video resources for studying and exam prep
Below is a list of the most commonly used applications for college admission. Always check each college and universities admissions website to verify which application they use.

Instate Colleges & Universities
Use the links below to apply to AZ public universities (do NOT use the Common or Coalition Apps)
*Instate applications are open for students to complete typically startgin in July prior to the student's senior year. We encourage students to apply as soon as possible to maximize opportunities for scholarships & financial aid. Use the links below to apply to Arizona community colleges (*these are just some of the AZ community colleges). Use the links below to apply to private Arizona colleges & universities. Out of State Colleges & Universities
Use the links below to apply to most out-of-state colleges & universities, both public and private.
  • Common Application (over 900 colleges & universities)
  • Coalition Application (over 150 colleges & universities)
  • Questbridge (for students who fit these eligibility criteria)
  • CALIFORNIA: Use the links below to apply to public universities in California.
  • TEXAS: Use the link below to apply to public and private colleges & universities in Texas.
  • NEW MEXICO: Use the links below to apply to public universities in New Mexico (many offer significant tuition waivers to Arizona or Mexican residents).
    • New Mexico State University
    • Western New Mexico State University
    • University of New Mexico
    • Eastern New Mexico University
    • New Mexico Highlands University
Class of 2023
All UHS students are required to turn in an Education Career Action Plan (ECAP) to their senior counselor at the beginning of their senior year. While it is an AZ graduation requirement, it is also meant to guide you through the initial planning steps towards your future. If applying to college, it will also be used to help you gather the correct information, take steps to complete your applications, and differentel you as an applicant before you even apply! Follow all instructions carefully and complete all steps (and initial!) where indicated. Please be sure to READ THOROUGHLY!

Click here for ECAP document, students will need to log in with their TUSD login to access.

ECAP document PLUS (these attachments!) are DUE on September 2!
Please staple the attachments to the hard copy print out of your ECAP document and turn into the CCCC!
  • Resume
Use the resume template in your 365 One Note -> Class Notebooks -> “Class of 2023-ECAP Resume” If you already have a resume create, just be sure that it has all the same info as the template (but you do not need to completely redo your resume)
  • 1 Parent Letter
Provide a letter written by at least one of your parents/guardians. There is no prompt. We want your parents/guardians, or whomever you feel fills this role for you, to write anything they want about you. They can write about your whole life, their favorite parts of who you are, or whatever else they want to write about (important life stories, accomplishments, etc.). We want them to glow and radiate about you, and to share anything they believe would be important for us to know about you as we work with you through this process.
  • 2 Friend Letters
Provide (two) letters written by your peers about you (does not need to be a UHS peer). Like the parent letter, there is no prompt - ask your friends to write about what they believe makes you, you! We want to get to know you through the eyes of your friends - how do they see you when you are truly yourself? how do you enjoy life? and what characteristics do they see in you? For example, your friends can write about memorable stories, events, and/or good/bad times you have shared.
  • Copies of any letters you wrote for friends
This section mirrors the friend letter section. However, the focus or lens is through your eyes. Not only are you returning the favor for a friend, but this section also allows us to get a glimpse into what characteristics/traits and values are important to you
Summer programs are a great way to learn more about an interest you have, learn a new skill, or learn about a career field/major! Follow these tips as you explore potential opportunities:
Start early - programs can have deadlines as early as November! Begin exploring summer opportunities at the end of 1st semester. Be sure to make note of application deadlines and requirements so you can adequately plan and notify teachers or counselors of any supporting documentation you may need.
Search for free or low cost programs - these often have a competitive application process but the programs can include amazing opportunities to conduct research, study internationally, attend college seminars or classes, and add leadership and skills to your resume
Look for programs with scholarships/financial aid - some programs offer need based and/or merit based scholarships. Programs with these opportunities often require you to apply well before the application deadline!

Use the database below to help you find an opportunity!
*We try to keep these lists as accurate as possible, but always visit program websites for the most up-to-date information.

Summer Programs Database
All 9th-11th grade students will take the PSAT (NMSQT) at UHS during a regular school day in the October.
  • PSAT/NMSQT is FREE for 10th & 11th grade students
  • 9th grade students must pay (fee waivers available)
The PSAT, or the Preliminary SAT, is a test co-sponsored by the College Board & the National Merit Scholarship Corporation. When students take the PSAT (NMSQT) during their junior year, it determines their eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program, the College Board National Recognition Program (National Hispanic Scholars, National African American Scholars, National Indigenous Scholars & National Rural Scholars), as well as other significant scholarship programs. Scores from the PSAT also help students to prepare for the SAT college admissions test. PSAT Study Resources:
  • Khan Academy - free PSAT practice provided by the College Board (PSAT test company)
  • Doorways to College 2 Day PSAT/SAT Strategy Seminar takes place in September at UHS each year, info will be shared each fall (need based scholarships available - see counseling!)
  • PSAT study books available to check out in the UHS CCCC

All 11th grades students are offered the opportunity to take the SAT at UHS during a school day in March.
  • Students must pay for SAT at UHS (need based fee waivers available)
  • Information on registration for SAT at UHS is shared in the Fall
The SAT is a one of the college entrance exams required by many colleges & universities (the other being the ACT, colleges & universities will accept either). In addition to the SAT at UHS, students can register to take the SAT at one of the Saturday national test locations through their College Board accounts (see Ms. Palos for needs based fee waiver). Learn more about the SAT.
Upcoming CCCC Events & Programs
Merit Based Scholarship Workshop (12th grade)
Need Based Scholarship Workshop (12th grade)
[Q1] College Ready Seminars for 11th Grade - College Admissions Testing
PSAT (9th, 10th, & 11th)
[Q2] College Ready Seminars for 11th Grade - Building Your College List
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