UHS Counseling, College & Career Center (CCCC)
Welcome! The mission of the University High School Counseling Program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program that addresses the academic, college & career, and personal & social development of each student. The UHS counseling department champions life long learning and seeks to help students master the necessary skills and attitudes to become agents of change in the community and the world. 
  Katrina Messing
Recruitment Coordinator & Advisor
9th Grade (office in LL05A)
Contact Katrina Messing by email
  Meghan Hammer
10th Grade (office in LL3)
Contact Meghan Hammer by email
  Amy Villagio
11th & 12th Grade (last names A-K)
Contact Amy Villagio by email
  Marcos Flores
Student Engagement Coordinator
11th & 12th Grade (last names L-Z)
Contact Marcos Flores by email
  Megan Palos
College & Career Readiness Coordinator
9th-12th Grade
Contact Megan Palos by email
  Lori Minor
Writing Specialist
9th-12th Grade
Contact Lori Minor by email
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Click on the college/program visit and follow the link to sign up. Your email receipt from the sign up will serve as your pass to leave class. It is your responsibility to check in with your teacher before missing any class.

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Summer programs are a great way to learn more about an interest you have, learn a new skill, or learn about a career field/major! Follow these tips as you explore potential opportunities:
Start early - programs can have deadlines as early as November! Begin exploring summer opportunities at the end of 1st semester. Be sure to make note of application deadlines and requirements so you can adequately plan and notify teachers or counselors of any supporting documentation you may need.
Search for free or low cost programs - these often have a competitive application process but the programs can include amazing opportunities to conduct research, study internationally, attend college seminars or classes, and add leadership and skills to your resume
Look for programs with scholarships/financial aid - some programs offer need based and/or merit based scholarships. Programs with these opportunities often require you to apply well before the application deadline!

Use the database below to help you find an opportunity!
*We try to keep these lists as accurate as possible, but always visit program websites for the most up-to-date information.

Summer Programs Database
Counseling Events
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