School Staff

  Principal Alberto Ranjel

Alberto Ranjel
Contact Mr. Ranjel via email | 520-232-5900


Andrea Evans
Contact Mrs. Evans via email | 520-232-5900
Assistant Principal

  Assistant Principal Jeanette Apaez-Guitierrez

Jeanette Apaez-Gutierrez
Contact Mrs. Apaez-Gutierrez via email | 520-232-5900
Assistant Principal

Office Staff
Martina Kimball
Contact Ms. Kimball by email | 232-5903
Office Manager

Laura Feigenbaum
Contact Ms. Feigenbaum by email | 232-5902
Attendance Technician

Renee Jordan
Contact Ms. Jordan by email | 232-5915

Claudia Monica Montano
Contact Ms. Montano by email | 232-5909
Administrative Secretary

Alicia Villegas-Martinez
Contact Ms. Villegas-Martinez by email | 232-5901
Administrative Assistant
Support Staff
Dynah Oviedo, Ph.D.

Contact Dr. Oviedo by email | 520-225-3225
Admissions Coordinator (TUSD office)

Kellin Lovegren

Contact Mr. Lovegren by email | 520-232-5908
Rincon/University Athletics Director

April Bull-Calf
Contact Ms. Bull-Calf by email | 520-232-5608
Athletics/Activities Assistant

Cat Lopez
Contact Ms. Lopez by email | 520-232-5613
Finance Manager

Erika Arenas

Contact Ms. Arenas by email | 520-232-5617
Health Office Assistant

Monica Ibarra
Contact Ms. Ibarra by email | 520-232-5617
Nurse, RN

Heather Shaw
Contact Ms. Shaw by email | 520-232-5617
Practical Nurse, RN

Lori Minor

Contact Ms. Minor by email | 520-232-5662
College Study Skills
Writing Specialist

Counseling Staff
Amy Villagio
Contact Ms. Villagio by email | 232-5830
Counseling Department Chair
Counselor, Juniors/Seniors Last names A-G, P-R

Thomas Donahue
Contact Mr. Donahue by email
Counselor, 9th grade

Meghan Hammer
Contact Ms. Hammer by email | 232-5666
Counselor, 10th grade

Max Encinas
Contact Mr. Encinas by email | 232-5916
Counselor, Juniors/Seniors Last names H-O, S-Z

Marcos Flores
Contact Mr. Flores by email | 232-5910
Program Coordinator

Katrina Messing
Contact Ms. Messing by email | 232-5907
Recruitment & Retention Coordinator

Megan Palos
Contact Ms. Palos by email | 232-5906
College & Career Readiness Coordinator

Kirsten Pelot
Contact Ms. Pelot by email | 
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coordinator
David Sudak
Contact Mr. Sudak by email
Visit Mr. Sudak's website
English Department Chair
Writing 101

Kerry Balzer
Contact Ms. Balzer by email
Honors English 9
Creative Writing

Kim Grimes
Contact Ms. Grimes by email
Honors English 10

Michael Hilbert
Contact Mr. Hilbert by email
Culturally Relevant AP English Language and Composition

Jennifer Johnson-Marlow
Contact Ms. Johnson-Marlow by email
Honors English 9

Ann Mitchell
Contact Mrs. Mitchell by email
AP English Literature
Honors English 10

Julie Thompson
Contact Ms. Thompson by email
Honors English 10
Culturally Relevant AP English Language & Composition
Math Course Flowchart (in PDF)

Leiba Schuneman
Contact Ms. Schuneman by email
Mathematics Department Chair
Honors Pre-Calculus 2
Honors Calculus A
Honors Geometry

Haden Backherms
Contact Ms. Backherms by email
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC

Thomas Gribble
Contact Mr. Gribble by email
Visit Mr. Gribble's website
Honors Trigonometry
Honors Pre-Calculus
Math Center

Bradford Hill
Contact Mr. Hill by email
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra 1
Math Center

Rogelio Lara
Contact Mr. Lara via email
College Algebra
Honors Algebra 1

Michelle Reed
Contact Mrs. Reed by email
Visit Mrs. Reed's website
Honors Trigonometry
Honors Pre-calculus
Honors Geometry

Matt Ulrich
Contact Mr. Ulrich by email
Visit Mr. Ulrich's website
Honors Trigonometry
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Algebra 1
Math Center

Jim Wroth
Contact Mr. Wroth via email
Honors Algebra 1
AP Statistics
Elyse Wexler
Contact Mrs. Wexler by email
Science Department Chair
Honors Chemistry
Advanced Research Methods

Dr. Dhruva Bhattacharya
Contact Dr. Bhattacharya by email
AP Biology
Biotechnology (CTE)

Nicole Kredich
Contact Ms. Kredich by email
AP Environmental Science

Nicole Hamilton
Contact Ms. Hamilton by email
AP Biology
Color Guard

Kevin Nieves Pichardo
Contact Mr. Nieves Pichardo by email
AP Chemistry
Heritage Spanish
Science Center

Alexander Silva
Contact Mr. Silva by email
AP Physics 1

Lisa Volkening
Contact Ms. Volkening by email
Visit Ms. Volkening's website
AP Physics C
AP Physics 1

Patricia Wheeler
Contact Ms. Wheeler by email
Visit Ms. Wheeler's website
AP Environmental Science
Social Studies
Sarah Stuart
Contact Ms. Stuart by email
Visit the UHS APUSH website
Social Studies Department Chair
AP United States History
AP U.S. Government

Benjamin Ancharski
Contact Mr. Ancharski by email
AP United States History
AP World History

Megan Cassidy
Contact Ms. Cassidy by email
AP Economics
Honors Economics

Ilan Davidowitz
Contact Mr. Davidiwitz by email
AP European History
AP Human Geography

Dr. John Hosmer
Contact Dr. Hosmer by email
Visit the UHS APUSH website
AP United States History

Michelle Ibarra
Contact Ms. Ibarra by email
AP Human Geography 

Jacob Ollanik
Contact Mr. Ollanik by email
Visit the UHS Student Council Website
AP US Government
Student Council

Matthew Trouard
Contact Mr. Trouard by email
AP Human Geography
AP U.S. Government
World Languages
Austin Morris
Contact Mr. Morris by email
World Languages Department Chair
Honors French 1-2
Honors French 3-4
Honors French 5-6
AP French Language & Culture

George Guerrero Muniz
Contact Sr. Guerrero by email
Honors Spanish 7-8
Honors Spanish 3-4

Kerstin Meyers
Contact Frau Meyers by email
Visit Frau Meyers' Website
Honors German 1-2
Honors German 3-4
Honors German 5-6
AP German Language & Culture

Luisa Placencia-Carranza
Contact Ms. Placencia-Carranza by email
AP Spanish Language & Culture
Honors Spanish 5-6

Alaniz Valenzuela
Contact Alaniz Valenzuela by email
Honors Spanish 1-2
Fine Arts and Electives
Mike Schmidt
Contact Mr. Schmidt by email
Visit Mr. Schmidt's website
Electives Department Chair
Principles of Engineering Design
Engineering 102HS

Caitlin Cardenas
Contact Mrs. Cardenas by email
Visit Mrs. Cardenas' UHS Art website
Beginning Art
Intermediate Art
Advanced Art
AP Studio Art

Julian Cardenas
Contact Mr. Cardenas by email
Beginning Drama
Intermediate Drama
Advanced Drama

Christine Conners
Contact Ms. Conners by email
AP Psychology
Beginning Art
College Study Skills

Phillip Dukes
Contact Mr. Dukes by email
Applied Sustainability

Michael Geddes
Contact Mr. Geddes by email
Visit Mr. Geddes' RUHS Orchestra website
Advanced Orchestra
Beginning Piano
Chamber Orchestra
Intermediate Orchestra

Nicole Hamilton
Contact Ms. Hamilton by email
Color Guard

Jeff Marchant
Contact Mr. Marchant by email
Visit the Ranger Band website
Director of Bands
Marching Band
Wind Ensemble
Symphonic Band
Concert Band
Jazz Ensemble I, II, III
Percussion Ensemble

Chris Newsom
Contact Mr. Newsom by email
Advanced Treble Ensemble
Mixed Vocal Ensemble
Beginning Choir
Stage Crew

Dan Phillips
Contact Mr. Phillips by email
Associate Director of Band

Rode Santa Maria
Contact Mr. Santa Maria by email
AP Computer Science A (CTE)
AP Computer Science Principles (CTE)

Allyson Yoder
Contact Ms. Yoder by email
Beginning Dance
Intermediate Dance
Ivesia Dance
Primavera Dance